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Last updated: 9 August 2004

Tim's Page

Someone once asked me what the point was of this web site. Well to be honest, there isn't one. It all started as a list of links when I was at uni, because whenever I needed to find a site at home it was always in my bookmarks at uni, or vice versa. So I just bunged it all on a web page. Then I got bored one day and made this. It's very grey, isn't it?

So you've actually made it you the second paragraph. Congratulations, you've got further than most. So I reckon that either you've got far too much time to kill, or you might know me. In either case, it's about time I said hello. Hello, and welcome.

To be honest, there isn't much of interest here, so if you're just killing time I'd go straight to my links section and find something more interesting.

On the other hand you might be looking for a Tim Pullen you once knew. If so, have a look at my photos section and see if I'm the right one. And if I am (or even if I'm not), get in touch.

Still here? Then there's only one thing for it. Go to my interests section and find out more about me.